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100% Pure, Natural Sphagnum Moss

New Zealand - A land of forests, mountains, rivers and lakes. An island country in the South Pacific where nature rules, where 'clean and green' is the image and reality.

In the solitude of a forest swamp, precious Sphagnum Moss is carefully harvested. The moss is air dried, and then transformed into basket liners, orchid growing medium and florists' supplies.

New Zealand Sphagnum Moss grows in the temperate lands of the West Coast of the South Island. Here, the blend of rain and sun promotes the perfect growing environment allowing us to harvest every five years. Farming in step with nature for an everlasting supply.

Our moss is lining hanging baskets in Britain, Europe, Asia and North America.

Super Absorbent Basket Liners
The freshly picked moss is air-dried and compressed for ease of use. Add water and the moss will literally expand before your eyes into a super absorbent basket liner. In fact, Just Moss liners are the only basket liners that absorb so much water and retain that water, helping maintain your plants in top condition.

Water Holding Ability
Sphagnum Moss can hold about 20 times its own weight. That means that a 14"/350mm liner which contains about 150 grams of Moss, can hold about 3 litres of water.

No other liner product has this amount of water absorbing and holding ability.

Antiseptic Properties
Anaeorbic bacteria that can cause decay to the roots of plants are nullified by the zinc based antiseptic properties of Sphagnum Moss.
This naturally occuring 'antibiotic' is called Tropolene.

How to plant your moss basket

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How to plant your moss basket