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Environmental Aspects

Sphagnum Moss grows naturally in the swamplands of the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. The annual rainfall in this area is 300 inches with a temperate climate - the ideal growing conditions for our variety of moss - Sphagnum Cristatum.

Sphagnum Moss grows in a dense mat to a length of about two feet. When harvesting, only the moss above the water level is taken, so the plant can continue to grow and be harvested again in three to five years. The heavy bags of wet moss are lifted out of the swamp by helicopter, thus eliminating any environmental damage to the swamp.

With most swamps being on Department of Conversation land, the moss resource is well managed. Permits to harvest are required and DOC staff oversee harvesting operations.

This is a unique feature of the New Zealand moss industry where private enterprise and a Government agency (DOC) work together to ensure that the moss supply remains a sustainable renewable resource for the benefit of the environment and industry.

How to plant your moss basket

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How to plant your moss basket